Knife Ranges

At Black Boar Knives, we try to cater for everyone who is looking for a beautiful hand-crafted knife.

We offer three different ranges – Rustic, Original & Custom Black Boar


Rustic Black Boar

Our Rustic range of Black Boar Knives are for those looking for a handmade bespoke knife but without having to break the bank. These knives are ready-made with a simple yet charming design, with no added extras. Although these knives will be crafted using similar materials, the Rustic knives will be all unique in their own way.

Prices start from £55


Original Black Boar

Our Original range of Black Boar Knives are for those who are looking for something a little bit more exceptional in design. Again, these knives are ready-made but have slightly more personality than the Rustic range. They are appealing in design with their added extras such as liners & mosaic pins.

Prices start from £100


Custom Black Boar

Our Custom range of Black Boar Knives are for those who are looking to create their own individual & one-of-a-kind knife. You will get to choose your own characteristics to make your knife a truly authentic & dependable knife. If you wish to have a unique Custom Black Boar Knife, please email me.

For custom knives a non-refundable deposit is required. 

Contact for prices 


If you require more information about the ranges that Black Boar Knives has to offer, please feel free to contact us.

Payment plans:

We are able to offer payment plans on all of our knife ranges, please contact us for more information regarding this



All orders will be sent via first class post. Free delivery for UK residents. Additional costs will be incurred if you wish your package to be sent via recorded delivery. 

If out-with the UK, please contact Black Boar Knives for a delivery price.