About Black Boar Knives

Hi my name is John Smith and I started Black Boar Knives back in April 2015 after I became redundant in November 2014.


I was not confident that I would get another job as a major stroke in November 2008 left me with several health issues (left sided weakness, nausea, dizziness and balance problems as I had to have part of my cerebellum removed due to the stroke).


This meant I could not work as fast as I used to, so being my own boss has given me the opportunity to work around my health issues and the limitations caused by the stroke.


Initially, it started from a hobby and given that I had been a Steel Moulder by trade for over 35 years, I was aware of how steel performed based on the differing carbon contents. With this in mind I thought I could use this information and experience to start my own business making knives.


I therefore turned my garage into my workshop, where I spend most of my days making and creating knives and sgian dubh's. I have built my own forge and vacuum chamber where I am able to do my own heat treatment as well being able to stabilise and dye my own woods.


Recently, I have started to make my own mosaic pins that I use for my custom and original range of knives & sgian dubh's. 


These pins and scales will soon be available for purchase to make your own handmade knife.


All knives and sgian dubh's made by Black Boar Knives, come with their own handmade sheath. I originally just started making leather sheaths however I now also make my own Kydex sheaths.


Black Boar Knives try to use as many recycled materials as possible to help reduce my carbon footprint. As the business expands, I am hoping to invest and upgrade my machinery and equipment so I will then be able to work with other alloys and stainless steels.


At the moment, Black Boar Knives is a small family run business, with my daughter, Leona doing all of the administration and updating social media outlets.


© 2015 Black Boar Knives.

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