About Us

Black Boar Knives first opened its doors to the public back in April 2015. In the beginning the company was primarily operated by John (the bladesmith), as it stemmed from Johns long-time hobby. John was a steel moulder by trade for 35 years, so he has vast amounts of metallurgy knowledge. The journey of BBK originates in 2014 after John was made redundant from his place of work. As John has suffered a major stroke in 2008, the rest of the family pushed him to start his own business- as they saw how passionate he was about knife making.

The company started from humble beginnings in the family garage to the displeasure of Rhona (Johns wife). As the business started to expand, John needed more space to complete his work. So, a few rooms in the house were turned into leather working rooms. This brings us to the current year of 2020. The business is still expanding so we have moved the facilities out of the house into purpose-built sheds.


This had led to Cameron (Johns son) joining the company and take on more of the business side of the operation. This has allowed the website to having been remodelled, which allows a clean and efficient shop for the customer.

Going forward as a business we are looking to achieve net carbon zero and have ideas to start planting a tree for each knife or sgian dubh that is sold. We believe that being a sustainable and environmentally cautious company will reduce our waste, emissions and reduce the amount of unsustainable materials used.